Friday, August 31, 2007

Everything but the Kids...

Wow, we've been in back to back meetings most of the week, but I'm so excited about the new library job! Because the school has never really had a teaching librarian, I get to build an information literacy program practically from the ground up. Time-consuming, but oh so challenging and fun!

However, there has been a concurrent slow down in the blog posting, as you've no doubt noticed. Not good, but that may last for a week or two, at least until I get the basics in the library up and running (and we get moved in to the house!).

I'm halfway through the final installment on the documentary series. Will post soon!

Later adduendum:

Joyce Valenza has put together a great wiki collection of copyright friendly sources for images, sound and video. A great resource for the documentary project.


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  2. Thanks for the kudos! Sorry it took me so long to respond. I'll definitely check out the StudentUP site. Love the screen name!