Thursday, February 18, 2010

This should have been obvious...

So much for being the school tech guru!

Yesterday, I had to put together a pathfinder for the senior research paper in English. Usually, they are allowed to choose which author or book they want to study, but this year the entire class is doing Dracula. Of course, no one told me that...

So I suddenly have 30 students all doing their papers on the same book--and we have about 5 books that would be useful for them.

Fortunately, between JSTOR and the state databases, we could find quite a few articles, but they're required to have 5 sources, so I was worried they wouldn't be able to find enough relevant articles for their paper.

I always show them Google Books, but it suddenly occurred to me (duh!) to create a bookshelf for them on literary criticism of Dracula, vampires and gothic literature in general and just link to it on the pathfinder. Voila! It's great! You can take a look here.

Now if only someone would write a Google gadget that would show the shelf, a la Good Reads.

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  1. Great idea! I will keep this in mind for future research projects of my own!