Tuesday, August 31, 2010

More Self-Promotion

Doug Johnson posted his "top 72" list of school library thought leaders (or list of 72-people-I-can-think-of-at-the-moment), and I weighed in at number 38, though since I come before Joyce Valenza, there is no way I think that order means anything.  I mean, I have an ego the size of the LOC, but come on, I have some grasp on reality and the general level of my influence!

Thus, while I am honored and flattered even to be mentioned in the same post as the great Joyce, Buffy and others, I  see it as a call-to-action, something to endeavor to live up to, rather than an indication of my actual significance.

Since the Big Move, my posts (and thinking) have been somewhat perfunctory--mostly because my waking thoughts tend to be consumed with homesickness, to be honest.  So much for the grand adventurer!  However, if I may mix my metaphors, Doug's post served as a wake-up call, reminded me I have a serious job to do for the school, that I really do want to build this blog into something, if not cutting edge, at least heading in that direction, and I better stop wallowing in my self-pity and get cracking!

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