Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Prezi: I'm Determined to Figure This Out

I've decided I want to convert all my  lessons on Power Point to Prezi, so I've started playing around with it.  I get the gist, but I struggle in creating the path.  I can never click past the first three steps.

Anyway, I'm presenting to parents about MUN tonight, so I created a quick Prezi.  The free educator account removes the Prezi watermark, which is nice.  I also love that you can download your finished Prezi, so you don't have to rely on a good internet connection (always a big IF here in Mongolia!)

Here's my (somewhat simplistic) result.  For the two embedded groups, I wanted to zoom in on the individual phrases/skills, but gave up trying to get them in the path.


  1. Cool! You can zoom and pan while you're in path mode, so it is possible to move around quite a lot and position things so you can see them when editing the path. Definitely worth persevering with because they do look so good :-)

  2. Whenever I want to zoom in on something in Prezi I just throw a frame around it so that it's easy to select when making a path. The invisible frame comes in very handy for this technique!

  3. Thanks for the tips! I was having problems trying to go deeper into the presentation. I could do a path up to 3, but when I tried to zoom in, it wouldn't let me add any more stops. I did for the fourth one, I was finally able to add it using the capture view thing, but I couldn't zoom in on individual words.

    It's a process! : )

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