Sunday, November 7, 2010

Live Blogging: iFollett Workshop

Attending the iFollett workshop in Macao.  I'll post interesting tidbits as they pop-up and elaborate on them later.

8:45:  Chris Smith, from, introduced us to Titanpad.  Powered by EtherPad (which I've blogged about before), it's a tool for setting up back channel chats for classes, workshops, etc.  Very powerful, and a great way to monitor and adjust, field student questions, etc.

10:40:   Ann Krembs--our job as librarians is to be risk-takers.  Technology is kids' language, and we need to learn it.

LOC photostream on Flickr.

11:00:  Edistorm--Wallwisher on steroids.
            Student Interactives from Read/Write/Think
            Kerpoof:   digital storytelling tool
            TypeWithMe:  similar to EtherPa; real-time collaborative writing
           ArtPad:  collaborative drawing

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