Friday, June 17, 2011

The iPads are Coming! (Part II)

Before ordering our two new iPads last week, I put some thought into what sort of "iPad kit" would be most beneficial for student productivity.  It's exciting how quickly iPads are becoming serious alternatives to computers for creating content, despite my reservations when they initially debuted.  If textbook companies adopt the Push Pop Press's ebook platform, iPads could become an amazing, reasonably affordable educational tool.

But I digress.  Here's what I bought and why.

Kensington Bluetooth Keyboard:  For serious writing, you still need a real keyboard. I thought about buying Apple's  dock/keyboard because it's full-sized ,  but a) I'm not sure the dock itself will stand up to student abuse, and b) I would still need to buy a case for iPad.  This bluetooth keyboard is both a case and a keyboard, doesn't have little breakable parts, and the keyboard itself is rubberized and spill-proof. I'm a little worried about the complaints that the iPad isn't fully secure in the case, but there were just as many that said it was fine, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed on this.

iPad Camera Connection Kit:  Obviously we'll use it for importing images from a camera; however, it's basically a USB port, so users can connect any USB device, such as headsets for recording audio, etc.

AmazonBasics Netbook Bag:  Even though the keyboard provides a case for the iPad, we still need a bag to hold everything.  This affordable neoprene (read: padded and weather-resistant) bag also has a pocket to store the cables and camera connection, allowing students to check-out everything in one "kit."

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