Thursday, May 17, 2012

Antigone on Facebook: We're Live!

For better or worse, AOF is good to go for next week.  Please join us!   You'll find our landing page here, and it will walk you through the steps to get set up on Facebook.

This project has taken so much longer than I thought it would, for all kinds of reasons, and we've certainly been working on other things while we get this in place.  Now that the time is near, the kids are pretty excited.  I'm simultaneously looking forward to it, and wondering if we'll go down in flames.

Oh, well.  It's all a learning opportunity, right?

After it all dies down next week, I will post the rest of the "how to."  Setting up the FB pages got a little involved, and we had to do some work arounds, so I'll share all the ins and outs, in case any brave souls decide to take on a similar project!

See you on Facebook!

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