Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I'm Back!

I'm back and blogging from Beijing!  It took a while to get up and running, and I'm still looking for a permanent place to live, but everything in good time, right?  If you're interested, here's my China blog.  Scroll down a few posts and you'll find picture of the school (and library).  It's an amazing facility, I must say!

Just a quick post this time.   I found "Order in the Library"  while catcing up on LM_Net emails. It's an interactive game for Dewey and shelving in general.  It would be fun practice for the elementary kids, and a good skills test for student aides.  It offers different levels from expert to genius, and even I got a one wrong on the genius level.

(That word "even" is completely facetious.  I tend to fall in the "If it's on the right shelf, that's close enough" school of  shelving. My library instructor would be horrified.)


  1. Hi, Jeri. Glad to see that you are getting settled in. Your link to "Order in the Library" doesn't seem to go to the game.

  2. Thanks, Floyd. That's the problem with reading three or four things at once! Bad online habit. It's fixed.