Thursday, July 12, 2007

A Whole New You!

After reading Joyce Valenza's blog about Avatars, I started playing around with the idea. I'm working on creating a blogging handout that, while it's linked to a workshop, will also be self-sufficient (I hope!). Thanks to Joyce, I added a section on Avatars, as I think they'd be a great way to allow students an extra bit of web safety while adding the personal/individual touch they sooo love.

If you don't know (as I didn't) an Avatar is a small image linked to a social networking site (or your blog) that stands in for an actual picture of you. There are sites allowing you to choose already created avatars, or ones that allow you to generate your own. I had a fun time working on this librarian avatar on Yahoo. I only wish I were that thin and hot-looking!
Yahoo! Avatars

So here are some links to help you find/create avatars.

Pre-made avatars:

Avatar Makers:
MessDudes: (This one's really fun and good for the younger set.)
Abi-Station: Very detailed with lots of options, but takes time to load/browse through everything.
YahooAvatars: Lots of options, easy to use, includes ALA options.

All of these allow you to download the images you create in a variety of formats and/or generate code to post them into blogs, etc.

Have fun!!

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