Saturday, January 9, 2010

Wonderful Websites with Wix

I didn't think website creation could get much easier than iWeb--and then I found Wix. To be concise: Wix rocks!!

Wix offers professionally (and beautifully) designed Flash-based templates you use to create your own website. It even hosts and publishes them..for free!

It offers hundreds of template designs, and editing those templates is a snap with their easy editing tools. All the usual tools--font, color, shapes, etc.--are available, and you can even add effects and animations. Need help? Quick tutorials are instantly available as you work.

Wix has its own (somewhat limited) photo library, or easily connects to Flickr.

They make their money with the "freemium" concept: basic access is free, users pay more to upgrade to pro versions. For example, $4.95/month buys you your own domain name.

I've been thinking of putting together a website for my documentary workshops; finding Wix inspires me to move ahead with that, because they've removed all the usual frustrations out of website design. Much as I love iWeb, given my limited skills, I can still only create a fairly basic site. Wix allows amateurs to create sites the pros would be proud of.

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