Tuesday, January 26, 2010

On Beakers and Bunson Burners

If you haven't informed your Science Dept. about National Lab Day, do it now! Even Thomas Friedman is on board.

Sponsored by several leading scientifically-based organizations,such as the National Science Foundation, NLD links up science classrooms with local professionals in an effort to improve the quality of labs and scientific inquiry in schools, whether through direct participating or help with resource funding.

Teachers create a project/lab, and the site helps connect them with scientists, engineers, university students or other professionals in a collaborative effort.

Now as an English major/teacher, don't get me started on the whole privileging of science over the arts thing, but any program that promotes students' creative thinking and analytical abilities--along with intellectual curiosity--has my 100% support.

I've passed this along to my own Science Dept., and will certainly be gently nudging them to participate.

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