Wednesday, March 13, 2013

EasyBib: Almost in Your Firefox Toolbar

(Yeah, yeah. I get the irony here.)

I had an email from EasyBib in my inbox today  (Ahem!).

Students can now cite websites directly from Firefox.  Cool idea, but there are still a few kinks to work out.

It's a quick add-on, but took me a minute to find once I added it.

Here's where EasyBib's photos say it shows up.

Here's where I found it.  But maybe Evernote is forcing it to move.

Once I found it, it was pretty slick, at first.  Here's what is supposed to happen.

You click on the icon, a box pops up that allows you to select the project for your citation
Select the appropriate project and click "Cite on Easy Bib."

A new box pops up with the familiar citation interface, allowing you to add dates and verify the information.  Click "Create" and Bob's your uncle, as our British cousins say, and the citation adds to selected Bibliography.

Sort of.

It worked the first time I tried it--but pretty much hasn't on multiple repeat tries. Here are the problems:

1.   After the initial try, it hasn't let me select my project.  The box opens, and the menu pops up, but then it closes when I click.  When I reopen the box, the same project shows.  I tried this at least seven times, with the same results. 

2.  Finally, I just  clicked "Cite on Easy Bib." Instead of the page to adjust information, it took me straight to this:

Of course, when I went to EasyBib to check the bibliography, nothing was there.  Again, repeatedly.  I thought my browser might be outdated, but it's the current version--19.0.2

So, I'm sorry to say, this is a great idea that's not quite ready to pass on to the students.  I hope they keep working on it.

UPDATE:  I've been playing with it off and on, because I REALLY want this to work!  While I still can't get it to let me select different projects, at least the citation screen started working (see below).  While the citation defaults to websites, you can change the citation type once it pops up, and manually add the other info.


  1. Hi Jeri,

    Thanks for reviewing the EasyBib Firefox toolbar! Our developers have been working on fixing these specific bugs you've mentioned -- these updates are currently being reviewed by Mozilla. Once they are approved by the Firefox team, the toolbar will be updated.

    Thank you for your support!


    Emily Gover
    In-house Librarian

  2. Hi Emily--Thanks for posting! That's good to hear.

  3. Did EasyBib give up on it?? The link above lands me at a page stating that the add-on has been removed by it's author. That's pretty disappointing that you don't support one of the top browsers.