Monday, May 27, 2013

Academic Honesty, Australian Style

We're revamping our academic honesty "curriculum" and practice for next year.  It could definitely be better!  As is often the case,  part of the problem is the inconsistency among the staff regarding either their

a)  misunderstanding of MLA or
b) complete indifference to it (let's be honest)

Personally, I think any academic honesty agenda must focus on both students AND staff.  You can tell the students all you want, but if the faculty take a  laissez faire attitude in their requirements, the students will too.

Fortunately, our HS curriculum coordinator is up in arms about this, and it's high on his agenda for next year.

All of which is my verbose and round-about way of linking to this excellent online curriculum from New South Wales, All My Own Work.

I'm definitely going to make it a consistent feature in my pathfinders.

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