Monday, July 22, 2013

iBooks Coming to Your Mac: This is HUGE!

I have to say, I never thought it would happen.  Keeping iBooks off your Mac forced people to buy iPads in addition to their Macs, so why would Apple bring iBooks to their computer.  Or so I thought.

With their new OS X, Mavericks (glad we're out of the cat phase), which releases in Fall, Apple announced they will finally have iBooks on the Mac.

Why is this huge?  Think interactive learning!  I'm part way through writing my blog post on our iPad trial findings, but our big take away is that Macs are still the real workhorse, so this combines the power of your Mac with an interactive space.

Flipping your classroom (or library) just moved out of the "go home and watch this video" stage.  Using iBooks Author, teachers and create engaging,  interactive lessons that ALL students can access, not just those with an iPad or iPhone (this assumes you're a Mac school, of course!).

I also like that student notes appear in a sidebar beside the book, making them easy to review and use.

More importantly, students can now create and preview books all on the same device--you don't need computers AND iPads,  putting the power to create, edit and publish in one place.

So if you're a Mac school and haven't jumped on the iBooks Author bandwagon yet, this fall is definitely the time to start!

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