Saturday, December 27, 2008

Media Recover To The Rescue!

The animals bought me a wonderful new camera for Xmas a few months ago (they're always very generous!), so of course I used it during Christmas. My dad recently moved to the East Coast, and this was the first time we'd spent Christmas together in quite a while. I don't have very many photos of him, for some reason, so I was making free with the camera, taking shots of him, shots of him and my fiancee, shots of his wife's Dad, a wonderful old geezer also getting up in years. I got some great photos of all of them, and was quite pleased and excited.

First thing the following day, I hooked the camera up to the computer to import all the photos. I'm still working out kinks and some of the photos were blurry, so I elected NOT to import those, and just keep the others. And, as usual, I told iPhoto to delete the images on the camera after import. Do you sense where this is going?

In my usual boneheaded way, I managed to import the photos I didn't want, and delete the photos I DID want. Panic! Catastrophe!

I dug around online trying to find suggestions for recovering deleted photos. Nothing, so I started checking data recovery software. LOTS of that, so I ran out, bought a card reader, and started downloading software.

First I tried Recover My Photos. No luck. I couldn't even figure out how to use Stellar Info's software! Moved on to File Juicer, which at least recognized there were files on the card, but three hours later, couldn't retrieve them. Tried Picture Rescue and Card Rescue with similar results.

Then FINALLY came to Media Recover which, for a mere $30, found EVERY picture I'd ever deleted from the camera, including the precious Christmas photos! Easy to use, too, with options for a deep recover (the first one I used, and it tool all night) or quick recover, which I used after I bunged up the "save" mode and had to retrieve the pictures all over again (long story!). Quick mode found all the photos in mere minutes.

So here is a ringing endorsement for Media Recover, which can also find video and other digital media files.

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  1. Now this is definitely useful info, and Im glad you recovered the precious photos too. I love ringing first-hand knowledge endorsements. Thanks.