Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Pathfinders 2.0

I'm reworking the pathfinder for the 8th grade research project on the 1920's. I still do a lot of the searching for them re: websites, since I don't have all that much teaching time with them. (I'm working on it....)

On the new, 2.0 version, I've included the Power Point presentation on research strategies, so they can review if they need to. I've also added the Primary Sources custom search engine I created. This, along with the databases, should still give them plenty of search practice. In high school, I start working on more independence.

I'm working on a 2 day lesson on using primary sources, complete with a VERY cool PP (if I say so myself!) and a packet. I'll post both when they're finished.

Here's a tip: I added the slides/search engine using the Google Gadgets plug-in. At first it really screwed up the layout, and they wouldn't show. But if you create a table with only 1 cell, then add the plug-in to the table, it solves the problem.

I might add here that I tried creating this in Google Sites. I really like creating blocks of information, instead of one long stream. And of course it works seamlessly with the other google elements (the pp and search engine.)

EXCEPT--I would have to invite every single student to Google Docs to have them able to view the Power Point, since there's no general HTML tool for adding widgets. Come on, Google....

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