Friday, April 30, 2010

Potential creep factor: high!

Have you seen Spokeo yet?  It's a new "white pages" that searches Facebook, marketing lists and other sites to fill in a shocking amount of information on people, everything from address and phone number, to personal wealth and number of people living in your household. 

I didn't find it all that accurate for my results (it says, for example, I've only partially finished college, and I have three degrees; moreover, the address it has for me is YEARS out of date); when I typed in numerous friends, it couldn't find 75% of the names (it told me there are 0 "Stoddars" in the US.  Yeah, right.)

So I'm unimpressed on that level.

But I must say, if they start working to improve results, the potential creepy skin factor on this is pretty high.  It proffers WAY more information on me than I want to the average person...or ANY person accessing.

This definitely bears watching!

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