Tuesday, June 29, 2010

"Dirty Dozen" iPhone App

This isn't really school related, but it's important and useful, so I decided to share it here. This would also be good to share with students in a health or nutrition class.

In an ideal world, we could all afford to buy everything organic, grass fed, free-ranging, etc. Most of us have to pick and choose what to buy organic, however, which the folks at the Environmental Working Group make easier by publishing a "Dirty Dozen" list each of the most contaminated foods. Those are the ones I try to buy organic. But who can remember?

There is now an iPhone App you can use when you're in the produce department, trying to remember if you should buy organic peaches or not (you should).

According to the EWG, you can reduce your pesticide exposure by up to 80% if you buy organic versions of the Dirty Dozen.


Environmental Working Group
Dirty Dozen iPhone App
No iPhone? Download a pdf form of the guide.

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