Saturday, June 12, 2010

Wax Loquacious with Got Brainy

Have a visual learner who needs help with SAT vocab?  With Got Brainy, students can create flash cards a la all those "inspirational" posters by uploading an appropriate image, then adding the vocab word and typing a sentence to go with it.  Or they can just browse the plethora of cards already created.

There are also video options and a word list with definitions.

 Creating these would also provide a good teachable moment for discussing ethical use of media.

Cathy Nelson, whose brilliance at teaching students technology I can only aspire to, shared this example of her students' video use of Got Brainy.


  1. I had some kids jump in the fray of "Got Brainy" this year. It was a great way to open the door to discussing videos and images, remixing, CC and other copyright relevant topics.

    Here's one my kids did:

  2. Cathy: Fun video! I thought the contests will be an interesting opportunity for my film students next year. I'm always look for good ideas for short video assignments. This is a good example of that.

    And, yes, another good opportunity to reiterate (again) the need for ethical use of media. I should have mentioned that in the post! I sometimes despair, though.

    Teachers can be worse than students. I do a booktrailer Animoto project with the 7th graders, as well as a few others, and their teacher has heard my spiel repeatedly.

    Yet, once again, she did a project on her own and was allowing the students to grab images willy-nilly. Aargh! : )