Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Tech Summer Camp

PBWorks is my go-to choice for wikis (well, after Google Sites).  Their tools are easy to learn,  easy to use and give you design options you won't find in, for example Wikispaces.

If you've never used a wiki and want to learn how, sign up for the PBWorks Summer Camp, from  June 21st to July 20th.
Each week there will be a specific lesson on how to use your wiki. You will receive an email every Monday with a video, a lesson,  and with links to the homework, examples and more. Campers must review the video, do your homework and meet with us on Tuesday or Wednesday for a virtual presentation.
If you want a broader 2.0 experience,  The California School Library Association offers two online introductory courses:  Classroom Learning 2.0  or School Library Learning 2.0.  Both are self-paced tutorials teaching the fundamental 2.0 tools:  blogs, wikis, Flickr, social tagging and more.

And did I mention they're all free?   Life is good!

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