Saturday, October 29, 2011

Getting Their Heads Around "Story"

I'm working with our 11th grade DP students on their extended essays, and we're about to start talking about resource gathering or curation.  I really want to get them thinking about research differently:  not just collecting a bunch of sources, but how it all fits together into a larger story of their own telling.

I've been wondering how I was going to get that concept across to them meaningfully--it took me a while to grasp the ideas behind curation, so how can I expect it of them?--and then I ran across this article.

Basically, it talks about Rachel Maddow and Jon Stewart as curators who use their findings to fit the story for their show that day:  just think of Stewart's devastating ability at using video clips to utterly demolish politicians' talking points (which tell one story) and create a counter-narrative.

Bingo!  What a relevant, topical, and pop-cultural way of showing them how good curation works!  It beats me blathering abstractions at them for an hour!

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