Tuesday, November 1, 2011

FlipSnack: Publish Student Work!

OK, now this is just cool.  My English 10 students just finished creating their own graphic short stories (after reading American Born Chinese).  Some of them are really great.  I want to share them with the wider school community, but wanted to do more than just upload a file to Scribd.  Then I stumbled across FlipSnack.

It's actually an entire suite of tools, but the one I think most beneficial to teachers is FlipSnack.  Just upload a PDF file, and it turns it into a linkable, embeddable book with pages that flip.  With sound effects!

A sample below.  Not the best comic that came in, but the one I had already in PDF form, so I didn't have to go scan anything!   The tool gives you a few different book styles from which to choose, with a 100MB limit on the free flipbooks.

You can embed them for free with a watermark, but it will cost you $50 each to remove that, or $14 a month if you get a premium account.

Personally, I think they are really missing out here.  VoiceThread went viral precisely because schools came on board with the free educator plan.  Everybody was using it!  They turned a profit on that by creating a package plan for school-wide accounts.  FlipSnack is such a useful tool for schools, they are really missing out by charging so much.

I plan to choose the best five or six stories, and embed them on the library site, for a mention in our weekly school newsletter.  (I'll post a link here, too!)

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