Thursday, May 20, 2010

Skype an Author!

Apparently, my school in Mongolia brings in an author once a year--which, as you can imagine, can get a little expensive.  But whether you're in Mongolia or Montana, author visits can be as easy (and inexpensive!) as a Skype call. Started by Ramona Kirby and Sarah Chauncey, Skype an Author hosts a growing list of authors, with an option for a free 10-15 minute "Meet the Author" session, or an in-depth, fee-based visit you arrange with the author.

What a great idea this is, and what a powerful motivator to promote reading!  It would be easy to schedule monthly quick sessions, with maybe one or two in-depth visits each year.  While nothing beats having a living, breathing author in the building, this would be either a wonderful supplement if you have the budget, or a nice alternative to bringing someone in.

For more information, Joyce Valenza's TL Ning is sponsoring a live webinar on June 7th.  You can found out more here.

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