Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Free Web Developers

I've decided it's time to look more "professional" and upgrade the blog to an actual website.  For one thing, it will give me a lot more flexibility with content development, allowing me extra pages and tabs for specific information.

For example, I was pondering whether to start a blog devoted just to film studies, and another for international librarianship.  But who wants to write three blogs??  I can barely keep one going!  A website that allowed for blog posts would let me create separate pages for each area, but all part of the same site.

So I've been looking around for a web development tool--other than trusty old iWeb--that would give me both the ease and flexibility I want.

Well.  Who knew there had been such an explosion in website tools?  It seemed like a good idea to do a series of posts briefly describing some of what's available.

I blogged a while back about Wix.  It's a great tool, but more towards professional sites, rather than classroom based.  I will probably use it to develop my workshop site. It makes it easy to develop interactive, Flash-based content. and uses a WYSIWYG drag and drop interface.  Downside: Ads, unless you pay for a premium account.

While not as intuitive as Wix, Yola makes up for this by having great help/support pages. It's the site I'm using to upgrade Bib20.  It's advertising free, which is imperative for educational purposes, and offers plenty of free, customizable templates (though the really cool ones require an upgrade to the silver account). Like Wix, you can upload multiple media formats.

Next post:  Hipero, Jimdo, Webs and Weebly

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