Monday, May 10, 2010

This is a Bad Idea

I don't want to be one of those whiners who complain that, because their pet project isn't being funded, the government in general and the White House in specific is ignoring them and destroying America.  It's hard times, and sacrifiices need to be made.  It's not "why, me?"  but "Why not me?"

However....(you knew that was coming, didn't you?) this one does seem counter-intuitive to everything Obama campaigned on, educationally speaking: moving us into the 21st century, promoting meaningful use of technology, etc.

In its FY11 budget proposal, the Obama administration eliminated the EETT (Enhancing Education Through Technology) program, the only federal source of direct funding for technology education, according to ISTE. The plan is to "infuse" technology through the rest of the federal programs.

Is it just me, or is this a bad idea?  It's been my experience that unless something is specifically mandated, monies disappear into the general funds and you never see them again.  If you look at the graph at the end of the link above, there is a disturbing trend in technology funding:  levels dropped from a high of 700 million in 2002 to only 100 million in 2010. 

Only 100 million for technology funding?  And we want to lead the world in the 21st Century? Now, apparently, even that is in danger.

But you can help.

On May 12th, ISTE is sponsoring  Tweet and Blog for Ed Tech.  From the link:
As part of this effort, ISTE is asking all of those concerned about the future of ed tech to start Tweeting.  Tweet about your concerns.  Tweet about your successes.  Tweet about your needs.  Tweet about your future.  Where possible, tag Tweets with #edtech or #EETT so the ed tech community can see the strength of its voice.  Tweets for #edtech is not just an effort for the 100,000 members of ISTE. It is for anyone who is concerned about the future or how we can use school improvement to improve our nation.

See you on Twitter!

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