Thursday, March 13, 2008


Here I am for what is turning into my bi-monthly posting. Anyone still reading? I'm thinking what I may do is do frequent blogging during summer, when everyone else stops!

If you haven't found it yet, you need to check out Bibme. It's free, and the coolest/easiest citation tool I've seen. It even offers Chicago style, which our history department uses, and does it correctly (apparently Citation Machine doesn't).

The free account allows users to save their bibliography and add to it, export it as a Word document or save to their account. It even makes suggestions for further reading, based on the titles you input.

Now, the very coolest feature is Autofill. Type in the title of a book, article, website or film, and it searches its database for matches, offering those it thinks fits. You choose the appropriate title, and it fills in the rest, or fills it what it has and allows you to put in the details. If it doesn't find a match, you can select your resource type and fill the details in manually.

I emailed the link to the students, and they've been thanking me in droves! Well, one. But she was very effusive....