Saturday, November 17, 2007

Not Exactly Google Maps

I love old maps. They combine practicality with a fine sense of aesthetics, so I was interested when the Scout Report recommended this online exhibit from the Field Museum. Maps: Finding Our Place in the World is an excellent tour through the historical world of map-making, with some truly exquisite images of old maps from around the world. With interesting interactive displays and links to other resources, this exhibit would be a lovely tool for any class studying the history of maps--though I wonder if it would also be good for an art class? I suppose that's not their usual area of study, but look at this image. Couldn't that lead to great discussions on form and function??

I starting digging around the site a bit, and they also have a nice exhibit on Darwin.

Leo Belgicus (map of the Low Countries)
Michael von Aitzing, Dutch
Ink on paper
Courtesy of LaSalle Bank Dutch Map Collection, Chicago

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