Monday, April 28, 2008

Free Moviemaking Curriculum Guide

Apple and movie-guru Marco Torres made this curriculum guide available--for free! It's a great resource (good in conjunction with the guide from AFI), especially for upper-elementary and middle-school aged students, where the focus is more on actually producing a video than on content/style.

I've been teaching a film studies class this semester, which I love. We've combined formal film analysis with students producing their own videos. While we haven't accomplished nearly as much as I'd hoped (I always overplan!), the kids are just beginning their final project--a music video.

Now, I know squat about these, really. So I was excited to see a section on music videos in the Apple guide. However, it was VERY basic--more what I'd use for 6th graders, to be honest. I wanted my students to do a critical analysis of their lyrics, then plan their video in detail. I put together a rough set of handouts; they need fine-tuning, however. As soon as I have a semi-final version, I'll post them!

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