Friday, May 9, 2008

He's Back!

I went to see Ironman last weekend. Now, I know this has absolutely nothing to do with libraries, technology or information literacy, but it was such a pleasure to see Robert Downey, Jr. back on screen and apparently in good form, that I had to blog about it. He's an amazingly talented actor--one of my favorites--and I was always saddened by his struggles with drugs and the effect it had on his career.

Apparently, he's finally overcome that hurdle, if the New York Times has it right. Or if Ironman is anything to go by. Sure, it's yet another in a string of super-hero flicks, but Downey adds the same sort of depth and psychological intensity to Ironman that Michael Keaton gave to Batman, making it eminently worth watching.

For whatever it's worth, I couldn't be happier for him. Mostly because it means I get to reap the rewards of seeing him in future films.

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