Sunday, July 20, 2008

Information Forensics: Move Over CSI!

I spent considerable time this morning exploring the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy's 21st Century Information Fluency site. It's a wonderful collection of information and tutorials developing information literacy (for example, I didn't know that Google and AltaVista used different default operators: Googles uses AND, AltaVista uses OR. THAT explains why AV always returned so many more hits. Duh!)

Here's a free course they offer on Power Searching, replete with videos and fun search games. CSI fans can find a useful "Information Forensics" course called WSI.

Or if you're tired of the "Google Game" searches (or the multiple Google Game links that ALSO come up in the searches!), you'll find an interesting article on creating your own search challenge.

During our PGD day next month, I'm teaching search techniques to faculty; this website will be an excellent resource and provide a font of ideas!

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