Sunday, September 14, 2008

More Decision '08

Some great resources from an article by Eric Langhorst in this month's SLJ.

Budget Hero: An online game that lets students plan the 3.3 trillion dollar national budget--and see the effects 10 years later.

eLECTIONS: A 1-2 player game (similar to Life) where students conduct their own virtual campaign for the presidency. Created in partnership with CIC, CNN, C-Span and History.

Select a Candidate: A game matching unattributed candidate quotes with your own opinions on key issues. The report generated "matches your answers with the candidate who best fits your views." The results could surprise your students--and you.

27o To Win: An interactive map predicting the presidential election outcome based on current polling data and the electoral college. Students can change the results by modifying the winner in any state, and judging the impact. It's not necessarily popularity that wins elections. Who knew?!

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