Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Blogging as Avoidance Behavior

It  occurred to me a moment ago that the hours and hours I've spent on the blog the past few days is actually procrastination--my excuse for NOT working on packing up the house for the big move. 

For the next few weeks, then, I'm going on the posting-every-other day plan. I really MUST get this done, and I know I won't if I even think about starting up the laptop!


  1. Jeri,

    I am definitely a fellow sufferer from using technology to get work done. I try to remember Covey's Matrix when this happens. See:

    Get packing!


  2. Covey's Matrix! That's good--I'll try to remember it! And you notice I'm on my blog again....a mere two hours after swearing off. But I sorted through two big boxes of clothes and packed up two suitcases, so OBVIOUSLY I needed a break! : )