Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Reputation Management: Vizibility

 Now here's an interesting approach to ensuring colleges, potential employers, and others see your best digital footprint.

I tried Vizibility out, and I like it.  It's easy to use:  you give them your name, places of employment, and add keywords you would like them to include.  They return the search results, and you sift through them, deciding which to include and which to delete.  When you're finished, click done, and the site gives you a button to include on, emails, profiles, etc.  or the HTML to add to websites.

This, of course, does not stop potential employers from doing their own search and finding any less-than-perfect online information there may be about you, but it at least ensures they find the stuff you want them to find!

Check out my profile below.   And thanks to the Committed Sardine for the head's up on this.

UPDATE:   Hmmm, they obviously have some kinks to work out on the HTML code.  It doesn't seem to be posting.  See that faint shadow right under this?  That's supposed to be the button.  If you move the cursor over it, it highlights and will find the search--but no button, and it comes up as a broken link in edit mode.  I tried adding it using Blogger's HTML gadget, and it wouldn't show up at all.   The website says they don't offer technical support for this.  Hardly useful, or an approach that's going to garner them users/business!

But here's the link you would add to emails, your online profie, etc.

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  1. Thank you for the post about Vizibility! I would like to respond to just a couple of points you made in your post.

    We do in fact offer support for the service. Our Help Desk is available 24 hours a day, and can be accessed at You can also email any time to open a ticket and receive help with any questions about the service. At no place on our website do we state that support is not available.

    We are also curious why the button is not working on your blog. We have tested it on Blogger, and it does work in our tests using both a dark and light background. Perhaps you can share with us how you are implementing the button so the team here can investigate and figure out what is happening.

    Again, thank you for mentioning Vizibility in your blog. We really appreciate it.