Friday, July 9, 2010

No Dots Day...and my Mongolian Blog

Aargh.  I hate this day.  See that little map in the column on the right? Yesterday it was filled with hundreds of dots.  It's a total ego thing I admit (I still remember being thrilled when I got my first non-US dot!), but, hey, I'm human, and blogging can be a lonely business. The map is kind of like a full answering machine:  When you come home to lots of messages,  you get to think, "Hey, I'm popular."

I know, I know... pathetic...immature...

Anyway, once a year Clustr map archives everything, and you lose your dots. Apparently, yesterday was the day. So it's back to an empty-looking map for a while.   Oh, well.  It's good to be humble, right?

And now for something completely different....

I don't think I've posted the link to my Mongolian  blog here.   I'll be blogging my travel/adventures/mishaps there, if you're interested.  It will be a totally non-library, non-tech blog, though. Just my travels and impressions.  Today I blogged about Mongolian Death Worms.  You just gotta love the sound of that.

Here's the link:   Me and Genghis Khan


  1. Look at all the red dots you have now! Does it count when I read your posts in my Google Reader or do I have to click through to the site to be counted?

    Have a great trip.

  2. grin--yeah, they actually notified me a couple days ago that they were archiving, and said they always wait 2-3 days before putting up the new map. In fact, they even said it was because people like to have dots, so obviously I'm not the only one! : )

    Of course readers count...I'm really not all that fussed about the dots. I'm just glad to know people are reading and enjoying the blog!