Friday, July 30, 2010

GameSalad: Make Games for iPad/iPhone...Without Programming!


With GameSalad, "the world’s most advanced game creation tool for non-programmers," users drag-and-drop  elements to create games for the iPhone or iPad.  Wouldn't that make a fun library club for middle-schoolers?  Create a collection of games made available to the entire school!

In fact, (older?) students could even sell their games through the App Store.

The app offers a variety of game styles, from shoot-em-ups to adventure to car racing, and the interface is clean and easy to understand.  The site provides both video and text-based support.

Gaming addresses several technology and curriculum standards as students develop story-telling skills through the game narrative, problem solve, work collaboratively, and more. It's well worth the time, and would certainly be motivating for many students.

Here's a brief introductory video to give you a sense of it all!

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