Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Doug Started It!!! The Essential Tech Tools Meme

Read Doug Johnson's post today for this to make sense.  He's right, though;  I realized last year, I was throwing WAY too many tools at the teachers; I needed to winnow it down to essentials, then add any others on either an ad hoc basis, or gradually, as they incorporated the others into their daily strategies.

So what are my Essential Six Apps?

Google Apps:  (kind of a cheat, because it includes so much, but that gets me docs, plus Google Sites, so I have a wiki).

iMovie:   Really, we have to stop privileging textual literacy.  Visual literacy is just as important (and arguably more important) in today's world. 

Facebook:  I admit, I love it. Because of my nomadic life, my friends are so far-flung, it's an easy way to keep in touch without spending 8 hours a day on email.

Skype:  It wouldn't have made the list if I weren't moving to Mongolia in 7 days.....I taught my Dad how to use it a few weeks ago, and he's now much happier about the whole thing. Ditto my SO, who gets his lesson this weekend.

Blogger/Wordpress:  Some sort of blogging software!  I have a blog on both, but Bib 2.0 is my raison d'etre these days.

NY Times website.

As to gadgets...I'm happy with my laptop and a good flash drive.

So....tag, you're it?  What apps/sites/gadgets do you find indispensable?

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