Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Flipboard: Your Life, in a Magazine

The hot new iPad app, Flipboard  links to your Facebook and Twitter account, showing articles and images posted by your friends.  It also links to sources chosen by Flipboard--they have a tech category, for example. It also allows you to share via the app.

I love the idea of this.  It's highly visual, and seems like a better way of working through your Twitter feed.  I must admit, I haven't had a chance to try it yet.  I downloaded it, but when I tried to connect to my feeds, I received a "the site is over capacity, try later" message.  As I said, the hot new app!

If your school jumped on the iPad wagon, this could be a useful tool for students to share info (assuming you're one of the rare schools that doesn't block Facebook/Twitter)  especially if they have different accounts for their school selves, vs. their social selves.

For myself, I'm hoping it will be a good way to keep up on Twitter, even when I'm not online, capturing all the links without me having to scroll through endless "more" links.

UPDATE:  OK, it's working.  This app is the COOLEST THING EVER!!   Forget checking my Twitter feed, I am going straight to Flipboard!  You can see everything article-style.  It gives the first few paragraphs of each link, then you go online to the actual website if you want to read further. It also shows who has re-tweeted, and gives you a link to reply, if you want.

The layout is positively elegant, with the app doing a brilliant job of choosing which images to display for eye-grabbing appeal. Here's a shot of my Twitter feed on Flipboard.

Bottom line:  If you have an iPad, you NEED Flipboard!

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