Friday, October 12, 2012

Cool iPhoto Tips

I attended a workshop on iBooks Author yesterday. It was pretty basic, so I didn't pick up to much about that, but I did learn two cool Mac tips I didn't know about.

TIP 1:   iPhoto is a real mess for me, with my personal photos mixed in with my work photos.  Whenever I do a project and use the inspector, I have to dig through everything to find the media I'm looking for.

Turns out, you can create different iPhoto libraries.  Hold down the option key and open iPhoto. It gives you the following screen:
Choose Create New, and call it whatever you want. Voila! You now have a library for storing work or project related images, separate from your personal photos.

Use the "Events" option for loading assets for different projects.

By default, iPhoto will open whichever library you opened last.  If you want a different one,  either open iPhoto while holding down the option key again,  or just navigate to your Pictures folder and click on the library you want.

 TIP 2:  Do you have photos loaded in Keynote (for example), that you want to use in another project without opening each slide, copying the photo, then pasting it into your new document?

Add them to iPhoto by just dropping your Keynote file into iPhoto.  iPhoto will pull all the images, videos, etc into an event.  It grabs everything, so you'll still need to sift through and delete what you don't want.

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