Sunday, October 14, 2012

Dean Shareski: Battle of Words (LiveBLog)

The ways we talk about learning:

RIGOR: (from

[rig-er]  noun
1. strictness, severity, or harshness, as in dealing with people.
2.the full or extreme severity of laws, rules, etc.
3.severity of living conditions; hardship; austerity: the rigor of wartime existence.
4.a severe or harsh act, circumstance, etc.
5.scrupulous or inflexible accuracy or adherence: the logical rigor of mathematics.
Are these really the kind of learning we want with students?

LOL--"I'm a funeral director, and I don't like that word either." From a board member.

PLAY:    New Culture of learning

Everything is changing.  Allowing teachers to "play" with new technologies and ideas.  Administrator didn't like word play. Used exploration, but does't capture serendipity and joy of "play."

When talking about education, ask people to be clear about what they mean.

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