Thursday, October 18, 2012

Designing Infographics: The Handout

 I created this using  Pretty easy, but also limited in some ways. I know it's in beta; I'm hoping they'll add a lot more icons and graphics, and make their arrows, etc with vector controls, so the user can bend them as needed.  The ability to group items, rather than just lock them would also be good!

I'm putting together a presentation to go along with this.  I'll post when it's done.  You can check my Delicious feed on the side there, to see everything I was reading.  Here's the link.

I'll be working with science students doing research on obituaries for demographic studies.  The teacher originally planned for them to write a paper.  This is so much better! 

Infographics title=

Find the rubric here, other tools here,

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