Sunday, October 28, 2012

The iPad Trials: Measuring Student Learning

WAB is starting an initiative to measure both the ins and outs of adopting iPads, and whether (and how much)  they actually impact student learning.

We're a 1:1 (Macbook Pro) school, and have all kinds of questions about the implications of switching devices, or even going 2:1.  Is it possible/desirable to change?  Can iPads really do all that a computer can?  For a device that's all about personalizing, are carts a feasible option? Or does that erode the usefulness factor?   To what extent is learning impacted by the "Wow" factor?  Will that wear off with time?  The list goes on!

We're wondering if anyone else out there has engaged in similar studies, or would like to collaborate in this one?  What data are you gathering and how?  E-mail me or comment below, with contact details, if you're interested!

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