Thursday, October 11, 2012

LiveBlog: Jabiz Raisdana Authentic Student Blogging

The possibilities of spaces:  effective space can improve learning and create places where students want to learn and interact.

PHYSICAL SPACE;  Dead classrooms--beige, desks in rows. Need to bring physical space to life.  Students need to own it: Everyone bring in $5--we're walking to the plant store to buy a plant!  Students totally engaged--really "own" their plants in the classroom.

Added couches, music playing.  Good creative space for working and collaborating.

Tech is the LAST thing people should notice.  (good to hear.  It's not the point; it's the tool, as I repeat ad nauseum).

DIGITAL SPACE--classroom blog.

Should mirror your physical space--look nice, feel nice, brings in your "stuff"
 etc.  Share everything--music, advice, videos. Introduce other peeople working in the space with you. Teaching about  how to blog.

Overnight has 156 unsolicited blog posts from students--just for the heck of it on topics of interest.

Go beyond "Here's your next assignment."

But Hunt:  Infrastructure as invitation, not obligation.  

Show students how, but don't force. It's not homework, because then it becomes a dead space.  Some students haven't blogged at all yet.  Let students find their voice by watching others.

"The articulated nusance of screaming into the void."  Jim Groom. 

It's valuable to be wrong in public.  These spaces are for exploration, not showcasing products. Latter  tells students "You're not good enough."  Let them find their voice.

It's really taking off for him this year. If you want to follow and join in the conversation:

@intrepidteacher  on Twitter.  

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