Thursday, October 18, 2012

Top Sites for Interactives

Once I figured out that you can add "interactive" to any search and then find--surprise!--a bunch of interactives (sometimes these things take me far too long to think up!), my pathfinders became a lot more fun, and teachers are delighted with the results, often using the interactives in class.  Here's a list of some of my favorite collections.

NOVA Interactives:   Crosscurricular
Annenberg:  Some are pretty lame, but some, like the great Amusement Park Physics are classics.  A great collection of math interactives.
Council on Foreign Relations:  Some amazing guides on Global Warming, Iran and more.
The Guardian:  My favorite British newspaper offers a collection on everything from the Euro crisis to Jimmy Savile (whoever that is!)
Science Channel
MOMA  (They actually have a LOT more than this!  Just Google MOMA and interactive. I wish they'd put them all on one page!)
Discovery Channel
PBS Learning Media

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