Thursday, October 4, 2007

Subject-Specific Search Tutorials

I talked to one of the teachers this morning who teaches anthropology, and he wants me to work with his students on how to search. I'm thrilled, but also clueless about anthropology. So I was hunting around on the web and found this great site from the UK, a series of tutorials on how to search, created for each subject area.

Specialists from UK colleges and universities write the tutorials, and each tutorial consists of four parts:
  • "Tour" leads to reviewed websites in the subject area
  • "Discover" teaches how to search effectively
  • "Judge" gives advice on determining the value and authority of a site, and
  • "Success" sets up subject-based practice searches

Very cool, and lead me to, billed as a "research" engine for anthropologists, which will be very useful for the students. (And which, apparently, is having troubles loading today as I blog this, though it loaded fine yesterday. Don't you love the internet?)

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