Monday, July 23, 2007

Cool Tools

OK, enough high-sounding theory for a while. Let's get practical (and have some fun!) Links to some great online resources I found recently.

GradeFix: I don't imagine most organizationally-challenged students would take the time to use this (I know I wouldn't!), but it's a nifty tool that allows student to enter assignments, time-frames and dates in order to schedule their work.

VoiceThread: I'm beyond excited about trying this out (thanks for the heads up, Joyce Valenza!). A great, easy way to introduce digital storytelling, to younger students or as a beginning project for older students. Allows the user to record audio in sync with digital images. Use for oral histories, foreign language conversations, math (or any other) tutorials. And what a great tool for end-of-year self evaluations. Students could photograph portfolios and record their comments/analysis.

Versionate: I haven't tried this yet, but if its website is accurate, it has real potential. This is another wiki site, but the difference is it allows you to view files online (think Google Docs), without having to download them to your computer first.

Cells Alive!: Now, I'm an English major, but I still love this site. Various Flash images dealing with mitosis, cell biology, etc. Some are interactive, others are videos. You can view online for free, or download for a reasonable price.

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