Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Planning Progress

As my year of grad school starts its mad rush to the end (only three more weeks! And so much to do!) I realized today I better start planning now for keeping abreast of all the latest ed tech info once I start working again this fall. I've been granted the incredible luxury of being able to spend as many as 6-8 hours a day just browsing and reading and hunting down great information and websites. Obviously, I can't keep that up once I'm actually in a library. Not if I want to keep the job, anyway! If I want to keep up this level of learning--and it's been a real path-changer for me--it's not going to happen by accident. Thus, here is my plan to both learn and share on a regular basis.

My Circle of the Wise. Vicki Davis (CoolCatTeacher) posted a while back about creating a web of wisdom around yourself--immersing yourself through reading and online networking in people who truly inspire you to create the world you envision. It's important to keep the momentum and inspiration going and not become lost in the daily routine. I've created a multi-faceted program that I think will be both useful and workable.

  • I have a manageable collection of blog gurus to read: Joyce Valenza, Will Richardson, Doug Johnson, etc. (see my blogroll for the links). I actually have more in my feed than I do on my blog roll.
  • I've also created a nice mix of technical feeds (TechCrunch, Mashable) and theoretical/philosophical reads. (The above mentioned names, though they provide lots of practical info, too!)
  • I'm building a routine of reading my feeds right after my email in the morning. I'm getting pretty good and skimming and scanning. Anything that takes more time, I can star to read later.

Fortunately, I have about a 30 minute drive to and from work every day. Bummer on the gas, but a great time to get those podcasts in that I would never have a chance to listen to, otherwise. My regulars:You can also subscribe to all of them through iTunes, or find others worth listening to.

Social Networks:
These will be the hardest to fit in, I think, but offer fantastic opportunities to collaborate, share, seek advice from and work with like-minded (and very experienced) professionals. I've joined several groups on the Ning site, and vow to check in for at least an hour each week. (Total, not each!) Groups I think will be a valuable resource:

Finally, I vow to keep up my own blog. Not just because I hope it will be a resource for my classmates as we part physical ways, as well as my my new co-workers in Connecticut. But more because, as with all writing, it's such a learning tool for me--an opportunity to think, reflect and make connections. As E.M Forster said, "How do I know what I think until I see what I write?" Wise man.

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