Monday, August 6, 2007

Multiple Minds Are Better Than One!

Will Richardson, guru of gurus, blogged about MindMeister today. Ever since we had to create a graphic organizer about graphic organizers in my Information Literacy class, mind-mapping tools maintain a somewhat quirky fascination for me, so it seemed worth exploring. I won't repeat Will's blog/review, but add a potential use for libraries.

I created this MindMap of the new library website I'm (slowly!) planning. Since I'm new to the school, I don't know the details of what information would be most helpful; publishing this as a site map and working collaboratively with the department heads and admin to add/delete/modify content could be one road to developing a truly useful website. It would be great to open it up for student input, too. I need to think about ways to manage that.

One caveat so far:

As you can see, the "publish to blog" doesn't work all that well. When I tried to edit the HTML and change the size, it didn't shrink the image proportionately, just overall, so all you could read is the central node. It ought to have a scroll bar to view the entire map.


  1. tag. You are it. 8 random facts meme.

  2. Jeri, I discovered by accident that if you click and hold on the map you can move it around to see all the parts. You can also diminish it using the - sign in the bottom left corner or enlarge using the + . Great map btw. What does MUN stand for? Building a school website takes a great deal of time and often some redoing as you think of better ways to do something. I have to rebuild mine in Sept. as our district has switched to new software. It's a chance to re-vamp but also a bit daunting to start from scratch again. Good luck with yours!

  3. You can click and drag the map around with your mouse to see the whole map. We don't show scrollbars cause they use up space and are pretty ugly... Also, you can make the map even smaller by changing the zoom level in the IFRAME source link to 0 (&zoom=0). Drop me a line at michael at mindmeister dot com if you need help! Cheers Michael