Friday, August 3, 2007

Pitt Techies

I had a fun time giving my Collaborative Web workshop last night--despite the inevitable technology glitches! I suspect it was overwhelming for many of my classmates--I threw a lot at them in a short amount of time--but they wanted an overview and, I hope, the next few weeks will give them time to go over the tools at their own pace. Ideally, this would be a multi-part presentation, and I think I'll work on developing it in that direction.

It wasn't as smooth as I wanted, and I couldn't elaborate fully on the more theoretical aspects; that's probably my own lack of experience. I was talking about tools I haven't had the chance to use with students yet--once I understand the pedagogical realities more, I'll make better connections. I hope!

Anyway, now that all of you are linked to my blog in your aggregators (right!?), I'd love feedback on what needs changing. Aside from more time to play and practice!

It also got me thinking---there's an article in here, somewhere. I have a week's break before moving to Connecticut. That's my new project!

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