Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Designing Your Library Website

My biggest project this summer--aside from tagging all the books for the new security system!--is redesigning the library website. The current version is OK, but desperately out of date and not very fun. I want something with a more jazzy look, more interactive, and definitely more educational!

So I've been digging online and reading, trying to find ideas for what I want. I've found some pretty good resources, and thought I'd share them for anyone else wanting to work on their site.

Pam Berger's InfoSearcher blog gives a good description of the two phases involved in building a library website.

Linda Bertland's Resources for School Librarians page provides a plethora of library website links. Be sure to look at Joyce Valenza's webquest page for a nice collection of best practice sites.

Best Practices in School Library Website Design Article from UNC.

Creating a School Library Website Learning module by Rosemary Horton.

I think I'll use iWeb to create the pages, rather than Dreamweaver, as originally planned. It's just so much easier, especially for including blogs and podcasts of the video tutorials I want to do.

I'll blog more about this later, when I'm further along the process.

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