Sunday, June 29, 2008

Live, From San Antonio...

The conference doesn't officially start until this evening, but the Conference Center just heaves with people, and the bloggers are out in-force, as you'll see from this photo at the Blogger's Cafe. This is just one small section!

I'll risk sounding like a complete rookie by admitting I'm a bit star-struck, as I recognize bloggers I read regularly. I saw Doug Johnson walking through the halls this morning, and Joyce Valenza is sitting across the room. Way more cool than seeing, say, Johnny Depp. Well, maybe not Johnny Depp. He's the best. But certainly more cool than seeing Brad Pitt!

One goal I'd like to achieve here is finding someone who can explain the point behind Twitter to me.

In any case, I attended a fantastic workshop on using primary sources by the educational outreach people and the Library of Congress. Once they post handouts etc. to the conference site, I'll blog that.

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